Introducing the 30/30 PropCo Summit

Daniel Fetner

April 18, 2023

This September, PropCo Founders & Operators will join together with Real Estate & Real Asset Allocators for a two-night retreat in New York’s Eastern Catskills.

After months of planning, we’re excited to officially announce the 30/30 PropCo Summit. The first of its kind, this highly curated retreat by Alpaca will connect PropCo founders and operators with real asset allocators in order to build connection and bridge the education gap around PropCo structures in today’s real estate technology landscape.

The 30/30 PropCo Summit will take place September 27–29th, 2023, at Getaway Eastern Catskills.
The 30/30 PropCo Summit will take place September 27–29th, 2023, at Getaway Eastern Catskills.

Our vision for the inaugural PropCo Summit from Alpaca is simple: as investors and former founders ourselves, we want PropTech founders to have easier access to PropCo capital, period.

Drawing on our knowledge of the real estate technology ecosystem and the strong network of industry stakeholders we’ve built during our years working and investing in the space, we believe this format and location create an ideal opportunity to connect, educate and, of course, entertain founders and real asset allocators during what we see as an exciting period of unparalleled momentum in PropCo.

If you’ve followed along as we’ve published Alpaca’s Next Gen Real Estate blog series and launched the Alpaca X CRETI PropCo Data Initiative, you know we believe the PropCo landscape is sitting on an inflection point where deals are getting larger and more frequent — continuously increasing both the opportunity and the need for accurate, reliable information about the space. The 30/30 Summit continues Alpaca’s commitment to PropCo education, connection and innovation at a critical time while also creating a restorative, fun experience for all involved.

Getaway offers tiny cabins stocked with everything you need for a two-night escape into nature.

The Rundown

The 30/30 PropCo Summit will take place September 27–29, 2023 at Getaway Eastern Catskills, a scenic outpost of tiny cabins approximately 2 hours from Manhattan that offers proximity to North–South Lake’s numerous hiking trails, as well as the 260-foot Kaaterskill Falls, the highest cascading waterfall in the state.

During the two-night experience, 30 Real Asset allocators and 30 Founders and Operators will gather for programs mixing expert speakers and PropCo-focused breakout sessions with an outdoor and wellness program that includes activities ranging from hiking to yoga and breath work, live music and outdoor dining and beverage tasting experiences.

View the 30/30 PropCo Summit agenda. Read the official press release.

Join the PropCo Journey

Attend: Interested in attending? Founders, operators and real asset allocators focused on the PropCo landscape can request an invite to attend and learn more by visiting Alpaca 30/30 PropCo Summit.

Sponsor: If you’d like to partner with Alpaca as a Summit sponsor, please reach out to discuss current opportunities with our team.

Learn: Want to dig deeper into the latest PropCo insights and trends? Visit PropCo by Alpaca for PropCo education and expert insights and the first findings from the Alpaca X CRETI PropCo Data Initiative, launched earlier this year to provide PropCo data to the industry for the first time.


Please Reach Out

If you’re an entrepreneur considering a PropCo-OpCo structure or an institution exploring the PropCo space, reach out to [email protected] and [email protected]. We’d love to speak with you.

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