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Compass puts technology in the hands of real estate agents and clients.


Firstbase allows businesses of all sizes to set up, manage, and retrieve the physical equipment remote workers need to do great work, anywhere.


Xeal is delivering one of the world’s most reliable EV charging experiences.

Kashable offers socially responsible financing to employees as an employer-sponsored voluntary benefit.

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Acelab is the information marketplace connecting architects and manufacturers.

ALOHA is a health and wellness company focused on producing nutrient-rich, gluten-free, all natural, vegan foods and essential minerals.

Amplio is a supply chain management platform helping manufacturers streamline procurement and make better purchasing decisions.

Animoca Brands is one of the world’s largest leaders in digital entertainment, blockchain and gamification driving digital property rights via NFTs to build the open metaverse.

Arrive is an outdoor experience company with a mission to create a world where you can experience the outdoors sustainably.

Belay is a simple, affordable way to lower the risk of your investments. With Belay, you can insure some or all of your stocks.

BinStar is on a mission to make retail landfill-free by turning high-quality returned merchandise into treasure for their customers.

Bonus Homes allows homeowners to partner with Bonus to sell their current home equity, move out, and keep a percentage of ownership to continue building long-term wealth from their home.

Bowery is redefining the commercial appraisal space using big data, advanced technology, and its team’s extensive expertise.

Brad’s Plant Based Snacks originated with the intention of creating alternatives to traditional snacks for those who wanted to embrace a plant-based diet but who simply had no delicious, convenient options.

Carbon Title is a real estate decarbonization platform offering a simple, transparent, and cost-effective way to neutralize buildings’ climate impact.

Chicory works with your favorite recipe publishers and grocers so that you can get ingredients to your favorite online recipes delivered next-day.

ClassPass is a membership program for fitness classes across multiple gyms and studios, making working out more accessible.

ClassWallet is a leading digital wallet and automated accounts payable platform for federal, state and district education.

CoLife is a peer-to-peer co-living platform and marketplace that matches renters with owner-occupied homes.

Coa is a gym for mental health and online emotional fitness classes.

Compass is a tech-driven real estate platform that puts technology at the fingertips of its agents and clients to streamline and transform the process of finding a home.

Core was an immersive meditation experience, combining a handheld trainer and app.

Crexi is a robust marketplace and technology platform containing easy-to-use workflow management tools and customizable data analytics designed to streamline the #CRE process from listing to closing.

Daze is a free form messaging app that allows iMessage and Android users to co-exist in a new kind of messaging app that is creative and free form.

Diamond Age is a next-generation home building robotics company.

Doorkee was an all-in-one rental platform that connected departing tenants, apartment seekers and landlords in an effort to eliminate brokers.

EarlyDay is a dedicated career marketplace for early childhood educators.

Emerge is a cross-reality presence company, building a platform that aims to enable more meaningful, engaging, and diverse interactions in XR that bring us closer to the people we care about.

EV Realty accelerates the adoption of commercial EV fleets by focusing on the fundamental constraint all electrified fleets will face: low-cost, reliable and scalable access to grid-scale power.

Fetch’s solution allows residents to control their delivery service from the comfort of their couch, removing communities from package management entirely.

Firstbase is physical infrastructure for remote work and gives companies superpowers to manage all their remote teams’ needs effortlessly, from a single platform.

Foyer provides bank accounts for employees to save for their first home.

Gameflip is an innovation focused technology company creating the commerce engine for the gaming metaverse by enabling all ecosystem participants to connect, safely conduct commerce and mutually share the benefits.

Gamer Sensei is professional eSports coaching platform.

Getaway’s cozy cabins provide restorative stays in nature where you can take a break from work, wifi, and routines, and enjoy the company of those who matter most.

The Guild was a short-term rental platform.

HouseCanary modernizes experiences across residential real estate through technologies that improve transactions for everyone in the residential property marketplace.

Imperfect Foods was a food delivery service that helped reduce food waste compared to national supermarket chains.

The Inside is the furniture industry’s equivalent of fast fashion, producing made-to-order furniture in a no-inventory model, delivered right to the consumer.

Inveterate is re-inventing loyalty programs for e-commerce brands.

Kashable offers employees a better way to tackle costly debt and unexpected expenses through online, low interest, installment loans.

Kidizen is a marketplace specifically for parents to buy and sell used children’s apparel.

Latch is a smart access system that works for your apartment, your office, and your home.

LendingClub is one of the world’s largest online lending marketplaces that connects borrowers and investors.

Lex is the app for finding new LGBTQ+ friends and queer community.

Looped was a virtual venue platform for interactive live streaming and video call meet-and-greet experiences between creators and fans.

Mayple enables DTC brands to become international retailers with the click of a button.

Meural creates digital canvas products for your home.

Mighty is a plaintiff financing marketplace. They connect people awaiting a legal settlement with the funding they need to pay for medical bills, rent, and other living expenses that have accumulated as a result of their case.

Minibar Delivery offers the easiest way to lift your spirits. With a few taps, get wine, beer, and liquor delivered to your door.

MoneyMade creates AI-marketing tools for FinTech and offers a discovery platform for alternative investments for retail investors.

Monument connects people to peer support and affordable medical treatment customized to their goals and lifestyle for alcohol sobriety and moderation.

Morty is reinventing how people get a mortgage. They’re on a mission to empower homebuyers and bring transparency and competition to an industry that’s been lacking both for too long.

Mozio is the digital backbone of local transportation, a single API for booking public transit, shuttles, limos, taxis, express trains and express buses.

North automates cloud finance in 3 clicks and saves customers on their cloud storage expenses.

Ocean Freight Exchange (OFE) is the efficient online marketplace for charterers, ship owners, and brokers in the dry bulk, tanker, and gas.

OpenSpace is a global leader in reality capture and AI-powered analytics for builders with projects of all sizes.

Optiversal is a leading provider of AI, NLP, and DPT-3 powered content and merchandising solutions for the world’s largest retailers.

Pack is a platform that simplifies and de-risks headless commerce for merchants by providing an end-to-end infrastructure that helps them create and control unique customer experiences in a low-code environment while integrating with existing backend commerce tools.

Paintzen is the easiest way to get your home or office expertly painted.

Pair Eyewear creates the world’s first customizable prescription and non-Rx glasses and sunglasses.

PERCH is a natural extension of the shopping experience. As customers touch and pick up products, PERCH places experiential media right at the moment when they are most engaged with the product.

PlaceHolder is an online marketplace that connects those with unused space to fast-growing companies looking for flexible and long-term space.

Point is a leading home equity platform for homeowners and home buyers seeking an alternative to traditional home financing.

Poshly empowers brands with real-time access to actionable consumer data across beauty, personal care, health, wellness and more through a first-to-market platform leveraging proprietary, direct-from-consumer data.

Prevu is a real estate technology company on a mission to save homebuyers money.

RareCircles is a community, membership, and engagement platform for brands.

Renoviso is a marketplace for home improvement. Compare windows, doors, flooring, roofing and siding products.

The Sandbox is a virtual Metaverse where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences.

Swoops is bringing basketball to the blockchain with a Web3 play-to-earn game making real ownership possible in Fantasy Sports.

Table22 helps beloved restaurants build wildly successful subscriptions.

Teal helps professionals grow their careers by providing community, content, and tools that stay with them from job to job.

The Yay Company delivers delicious, healthy lunches from local vendors to kids at their schools daily.

TOOLBX is a leading construction materials marketplace that connects contractors, suppliers and logistics providers all on one platform.

Trade Hounds is one of America’s largest professional platforms for construction and the skilled trades.

Transfix uses many-to-many freight matching AI technologies to simplify and scale freight supply chains.

Trially provides patient matching for clinical trials and personalized treatments which is powered by an AI platform.

Truth Arts (fka Upstream) is an entertainment and technology company that builds Web3 immersive worlds.

Ultimarii is an AI SaaS tool that automates and accelerates the earliest stages of the project development process.

Vatic Labs is a global liquidity provider, where traders, AI researchers, and technologists collaborate to develop autonomous trading agents and technologies.

Venly creates infrastructure solutions, services and ready to use products to onboard the masses to the Metaverse, NFT projects and blockchain games of tomorrow.

VNTANA builds scalable, affordable and interactive hologram systems.

Wethos deploys responsive teams of creative and marketing specialists to accelerate progress for the world’s most meaningful brands.

Wheels Up is a membership-based private aviation company that significantly reduces the cost of flying privately while providing unparalleled flexibility and service.

Xeal is reinventing EV charging infrastructure with its patent-pending technology, Apollo, the first EV charging solution that is fully capable with or without internet connectivity.

Zeel delivers Massage On Demand® – top-quality massages from licensed, vetted massage therapists to homes, hotels, workplaces, and events in as little as an hour, or up to a month in advance.

Zopa is focused on becoming the best digital bank in the UK, having started their journey focused on borrowing and savings products. Zopa provides unsecured personal loans, car finance, credit cards, and fixed term savings products in the UK.

Investing in Diversity

29% of our Core Seed fund companies have under-represented founders*

*defined as female and/or Asian/Indian, Black, Latino/Latina, LGBTQ+

Independent to the firm, our partners have invested $2.5M in Black and Latina/Latino GPs. Read more here.