We are thematic investors focused on leading rounds across the US and Canada.

  • Early Stage

    Our Core Fund invests in Pre-Seed and Seed rounds with a check size from $500K to $2M.

  • Later Stage

    Our Built World Fund generally invests $2-5M into Series B and beyond.

  • Founder-Market Fit

    We back founders we believe were put on this planet to run the businesses they’re building.

  • 32 Days

    We strive to be the transparent VCs we wish we had. That’s why it takes us 32 days on average to close a deal.

  • Proptech + Contech

    As owners and operators ourselves, we have a frontline view to inefficiencies and opportunities. We’re interested in parking tech, branded living/working, Smart Buildings/Homes, sustainable building materials and new forms of home ownership.

  • Commerce

    We believe technology is the engine driving this growth and penetration. However, these complex, and often mismanaged systems, are ripe for disruption. We're interested in Supply Chain, Payments, Cross-Border, AI+ Optimization, and other tools that power global commerce.

  • Blockchain Infrastructure

    In the emerging blockchain infrastructure space, we believe new technologies are creating shifts in almost every aspect of life, from art and gaming to organizational structures and ownership.

  • Consumer

    We believe shifts in consumer preferences have created white spaces across product, experience, logistics, and more. We’re captivated by Personalization, Wellness, and Luxury goods made to be more accessible.

  • Future of Work

    The way we work is rapidly changing, from where we work to how we navigate daily business in a global world. We're interested in solutions for hybrid and remote work, live/work spaces and new technologies that drive what's next.

  • FinTech

    As the FinTech sector continues to mature, there are a number of trends characterizing the industry. We believe these emerging technologies, matched with a population eager to invest and adapt, has continued to play an important role in shaping the future.

  • Creator Economy

    Creators are fueling new communities, tools and forms of communication with their own distinctive economies.

  • Fundraising

    Our team connects founders with the right later-stage investors. We’ve helped dozens of companies raise their next round.

  • OKRs

    We believe structure feeds success. That’s why we take the time to outline company milestones that set founders up for a strong fundraise.

  • Experts

    From Growth to Product, our experts come with a range of different skillsets that help our companies scale from 1 to 0.

Expert Network