We lead Seeds, the most formative period in a company's life cycle

  • Seed Stage

    We invest in Seed and Pre-Seed rounds across the US and Canada.

  • $500k–$1.25M

    Our check size can 
range anywhere from $500k to $1.25M.

  • Generalists

    We invest in ideas across industries. From Gaming to FemTech, we’re interested.

  • 29 Days

    We’re the transparent VCs we wish we had. That’s why it takes us 29 days on average to close a deal.

  • Consumer

    Shifts in consumer preferences have created white spaces across product, experience, logistics, and more. We’re captivated by Personalization, Wellness, and Luxury goods made to be more accessible.

  • Subscription

    The subscription e-commerce market has grown by 100%+ a year. That’s one of the many reasons we’re interested in Payment and Processing Softwares, Marketplaces, and tools that power e-commerce.

  • Virtual Communities

    Virtual communities have founders who know their niche markets incredibly well and can provide a digital product or service that’s engineered for that community. These communities bring us together.

  • Femtech

    Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence. For us, that’s a huge reason to invest in Child care, Elderly care, and Women's health.

  • Proptech

    As owners and operators ourselves, we have a frontline view to inefficiencies and opportunities. We’re interested in Branded living/working, Smart Buildings/Homes, and New forms of home ownership.

  • B2B Marketplace

    B2B markets are bigger than B2C markets (annual global B2B spend is more than $100 Trillion). We are on the hunt for more marketplaces that provide transparency and efficiencies within the B2B ecosystem.

  • Global Commerce Infrastructure

    As brands search for growth, they increasingly look abroad, which only brings additional complexity to their operations. We’re looking for individuals who want to lead the next wave of innovation.

  • Fundraising

    Our team connects founders with 
the right players in the field. We’ve helped dozens of companies raise their Series A.

  • OKRs

    We believe structure feeds success. That’s why we take the time to outline company milestones that set founders up for a fundraiser.

  • Experts

    From Growth to Product, our experts 
come with a range of different skillsets that help our companies scale from 0 to 1.

Expert Network