Welcome to the Herd, Alpaca Real Estate

Daniel Fetner

September 28, 2023

Today marks a major milestone for Alpaca.

We planted the seed by publishing our thought leadership on the topic, hosting webinars such as The Great PropCo Opportunity, and educating founders and real asset allocators on how to bridge the gap and facilitate connections. And of course, this year Alpaca launched the inaugural 30/30 PropCo Summit.

Today we are proud to announce the official launch of Alpaca Real Estate. I am beyond excited to share that Dan Carr and Peter Weiss have joined Alpaca to co-found and lead this new platform. I also want to extend our thanks to GCM Grosvenor and their group of investors for their continued support and anchor capital to the business. We are also grateful for PERE’s exclusive coverage of this news.

Alpaca Real Estate team
Alpaca VC is excited to welcome the Alpaca Real Estate team. Pictured: Daniel Fetner, Peter Weiss, Dan Carr and Ryan Freedman (l-r).

Alpaca Real Estate will seek to make attractive investments in two distinct ways:

Direct Investing

Investing directly in real estate assets that are intended to benefit from the team’s underwriting and structuring experience.

We will be targeting a few strategies, including the ability to reposition and recapitalize properties, provide deploying capital to the right size property investment structures, bifurcating platforms into OpCos/PropCos, and/or developing in supply-constrained markets. We also believe that partnering with forward-thinking allocators to capitalize on real estate investments will be our advantage.

Technology and Operating Overlays

Leveraging technology and/or operating overlays to enhance efficiencies with the goal of generating additional alpha across our real estate holdings.

The team created “Landlord Overlay Stacks” for major property sectors which will showcase the initial list of opportunities we plan to incorporate into each investment’s strategic business plans.

What’s Next

Our dedicated focus on the creation of real value at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds through investments in real estate and 10+ years of PropTech investing has come to fruition.

It has been an exciting journey to get here, though the journey has only just begun. If you are an organization looking for joint venture partnerships, platform capital, or a collaborative technology-forward allocator, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dan Carr or Peter Weiss.

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